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The Nordic-Italian Pitch is a pitch session dedicated to feature and tv projects aimed to international market and to co-productions between Italy and Nordic countries.

The Nordic-Italian Pitch follows a one to one pitch format, between author and producer or between author and a pair of producers, one Italian and one from the Nordic countries.

The Nordic-Italian Pitch is organized by WGI – Writers Guild Italia using the NETPITCH format, in collaboration with ANICA and the Nordic Film Fest 2017, under the patronage of FSE – Federation of Screenwriters in Europe.

The NETPITCH format is a WGI property and it was designed to encourage ideas exchange respecting the Italian author rights and the international copyright. For this reason, all the participants must respect and sign up the following REGULATION.

FIRST PHASE: Registration


Writers must register their name and project no later than 2017 March 26th, 00.00 am filling in the online English NETPITCH form, dedicated to the Nordic-Italian Pitch.

Before filling in the form every writer must have:

  1. a concept (or the story, the treatment, the script) that must be registered with an accredited body such as SIAE, the Premiership, Patamu, WGA.
  2. 650 words synopsis of the registered project in English.
  3. 65 words tag line in English which summarizes the originality of the concept.
  4. a short author’s bio in English which can be combined with a link to the author’s filmography.

Every author can present TWO projects at most under his or her name (as an individual or a team).


Producers must register no later than 2017 April 15th filling in the online English NETPITCH form, dedicated to the Nordic-Italian Pitch.

Before filling in the form every producer must know the name of the official who will be present at the pitch.

In order to participate to the first phase NO fee is necessary

SECOND PHASE: Synopsis selection


The registered producers will receive from 2017 March 28th the file of ALL the registered synopsis on the NETPITCH online form.

Each synopsis will have an identification number and they will be classified based on typology, genre and format, in order to make the consultation easier.

The producers will have to choose no more than 7 projects that want to discuss with the respective authors during the Nordic-Italian Pitch.

The producers will have to indicate their preferences no later than 2017 April 18th, 00.00 am filling in the specific online form and writing down the synopsis’ identification numbers.

As soon as the form is filled in the producers will receive from the WGI the information for the 50 euros entry fee payment. For the ANICA members there is no fee to pay.


The writers who have been selected for the pitch by at least one producer will receive an email notification. They need to confirm no later than April 19th, 00.00 am their participation at the Nordic-Italian Pitch and to pay the entry fee via bank transfer.

The fees are associated with the authors, not the projects, so every writer attending the pitch will have to pay his or her fee.

Writer fees are 50 euros per person, while the WGI members will have to pay only 20 euros.

Attention: the payment procedures will be indicated by the WGI in the email notification.

THIRD PHASE: Dossier's preparation


This phase concerns only the writers. According to the regulation, they must write a necessary editorial dossier with which they will attend the pitch.

The dossier is considered necessary for many reasons: to show the producer the personal knowledge of the project, to start a possible negotiation, to come to an agreement with the producer without giving the story or the treatment.

The dossier is a property and a responsibility of the author, so it can be written as wished. The dossier must be printed in a number of copies equal to the number of pitches to be present at.

FOURTH PHASE: the Nordic-Italian Pitch day

Producers and writers

The meeting for the Nordic-Italian Pitch is on May 5th at the Anica office in viale Regina Margherita 268.

The producers and writers are invited to arrive 30 minutes early for the registration of their pitch. The participants who have not paid the entry fee or have not signed the regulation will not be admitted to the pitch.

Each pitch will last 10 minutes. The duration of every pitch will be strictly respected. The participants will be warned 3 minutes before the end of their talk.

The pitches will be in English.

FIFTH PHASE: Conclusion

Producers and writers

If the pitch ends without the request of the producer for the dossier, the author and the producer are free from any obligation –except the one about the privacy, according to the regulation.

In case the producer asks for the dossier:

  • the author must submit the dossier to the WGI who guarantee the content of the submission. Moreover, the author cannot sell his or her project to any third party before 2017 June 6th or before the negative response from the producer.
  • the producer must send to the author, adding the WGI to the CC, a positive response (which will start a negotiation) or a negative response (which will confirm no more interest in the project) no later than 2017 June 6th.
If you need to send a dossier or communicate with an author, write to